The most successful of our fund raising efforts is the Wreath Sales. Every year, almost 500 beautifully decorated wreaths and swags are sold, mainly to loyal repeat customers. The workshop
takes place in November at the garden club and lasts all day long for an entire week. It is a festive week with all members contributing in some way. At noon, a break is taken for a lunch of soup, bread and desserts.

There is a long tradition of wreath making at the garden club. In the early years, the husbands of members of the Nordland Garden Club would go out into the woods and gather the boughs of fir from which the wreaths were made. The boughs would be brought back to the garden club where the women would cut them into smaller pieces and then sew bundles of fir onto sturdy wire coat hangers which had been shaped into a round circle. They then decorated the wreaths with cones, fruit pits and interesting seed pods along with red bows. This was very labor intensive and they were limited in how many wreaths could be made. Today, the wreaths are purchased wholesale from a local company. They are brought to the garden club, and decorated. Being able to buy the already constructed wreaths and the invention of glue guns, has allowed the club to greatly increase the production.


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