Every two years at the end of April, the Nordland Garden Club holds a Plant Sale. This event is another major fund raiser for the club. Attendance is always high, even in bad weather, and customers line up early at the gate for the best selection. Club members prepare in advance during the year by dividing and potting their perennials and starting plants from seed. There is always a wide selection of perennials, shrubs, trees, berries and bulbs collected from their gardens.

The club purchases and pots about 100 rhododendrons from a wholesale nursery and maintains them for several months until the sale. Members also start tomato plants, herbs, and other vegetables in their green houses. In addition to the contributions of club members, some community members donate plants and other gardening items.

Prior to the sale, workshops are held at the club to create garden art for sale such as leaf castings, hypertufa pots, terrariums and ornamental rebar. A bake sale is included on the day of the sale, with home made cookies, breads, pies, cakes, jams and jellies. Every club member is expected to participate in some way. Proceeds support the Nordland Garden Club scholarship fund and other community projects and club maintenance.


PlantSale_1 plant_sale_II-2 plant_sale_3 LeafCastings_-plant_sale_4

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