pav2The Kurtzo Pavilion which is located at the Nordland Garden Club was built in the memory of Joe Kurtzo, an island resident and artist. When he died in 1995, he stipulated in his will that his five acre property on Flagler Road be used as a community center, park and wild life refuge. When it wasn’t deemed financially feasible to build on the site, a Joe Kurtzo Advisory Board was formed in 2002. The board worked with the Jefferson Land Trust to find other options to honor his request. In 2005, Nordland Garden Club’s proposal to build a picnic pavilion on garden club property, for island residents to use, was approved.

Michael Kowalski drew up the original plan and it was later modified by Duane Hagerty, who constructed the 30 by 22 foot pavilion. Both Michael and Duane are island residents. After completion, a committee from the Garden Club planted a native garden which is still in process. Picnic tables and benches were purchased. A plaque was placed at the entrance to the Garden Club and another plaque on a large rock at the entrance to the pavilion, commemorating Joe Kurtzo’s bequest.

The pavilion is used for community events and can be reserved by island residents along with the garden club building .

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